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By Johnjoe

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I found some snails in my compost bin, would you think I will have a problem with my compost.



Well they are helping you out with the composting so that's not a problem. I suppose you mean that when you spread the stuff out in the garden you will be also causing a snail or slug problem there too. Have you ever seen what happens when you spread compost out and walk away? The birds flock to it and start scruffing and pecking I don't think you will have a problem at all.

2 Aug, 2015


Thank you Loosestrife2. That is good to know

2 Aug, 2015


You're Welcome, Johnjoe.

2 Aug, 2015


Slugs and snails are the number one enemy of many gardeners and some people believe the compost bin is a hothouse for slug and snail reproductive activity, creating massive populations that will invade the garden and devour the precious plants. Slugs and snails are decomposer organisms that help break down the organic matter in the compost bin so the bin acts as a great feeding ground for them. There is no guarantee that the slugs and snails will not be tempted to other areas of your garden, but the compost heap provides them with an ideal habitat they have no reason to leave as they have a constant food source and are protected from predators - they keep moving up the bin to get to the fresh material, and eventually die of old age. Some slugs live only on rotting organic matter and so will have no desire to leave the compost bin in search of living greens. Some people worry that when they spread the finished compost, they will spread around slug eggs; however, it is likely these will be predated on in the compost bin or will decompose as they become compressed within the heap.

If you do have slug problems, the most effective way to control them is to encourage natural predators such as hedgehogs that love to hibernate under compost heaps or piles of woody prunings left to decompose, so do encourage people not to have too tidy a garden and certainly not to get rid of their compost container!

Finally, on no account should slug pellets or other molluscides/insecticides be used in compost, as they will kill the benefical organisms that carry out the composting process.

2 Aug, 2015


Thank you Triffidkiller, that is very interesting.

2 Aug, 2015


Just bash them with the nearest stone.

3 Aug, 2015



3 Aug, 2015


How hard do you bash them Dianebully. lol

4 Aug, 2015

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