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Help with sweet peas! I have some everlasting sweet pea seedlings growing...they're about 8" tall and most of them only have two or 3 sets of of them seems like it's starting to form some tendrils. Should they have more leaves at this height? They've been getting plenty of light and I've pinched them off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On plant Lathyrus latifolius



I don't know if you've seen them, but you already have 10 replies to the same question two days ago. Click on your avatar above and it will bring the answers up. Oops just gone back to your original question and see you have already commented on it!

4 Aug, 2015


Yes I know, but there haven't been any answers to my latest question since I mentioned their height. I posted a new question hoping more people would see it lol

4 Aug, 2015


I don't know what you're going to do with them over winter - if you were in the UK, I'd be telling you to pot them on into deep pots, not necessarily wider ones, and harden them off outside and get them in the ground after they have hardened. Where you are, not sure if that's what you're intending to do. This particular plant likes to put down a deep root, so there is no advantage to keeping it in a small pot indoors - 3 sets of leaves is fine, but they shouldn't be left in their current situation.

Having checked back, what I'm saying is similar to advice you've already been given.

4 Aug, 2015


Of course i'm not planning on keeping them indoors in small pots lol. I've already started the process of hardening them off so that I can put them outside into a very large pot with a trellis. I just wanted some reassurance that they're growing well at this stage because I'm fairly new at starting my own seeds and I'd be really disappointed if they didn't make it. I thought i'd seek some help from some more experienced gardners. I appreciate everyone's advice.

4 Aug, 2015


I just wasnt sure how hardy they'd be where you live...

4 Aug, 2015


From all of the research i've done, it seems like i'm in a good zone for them. My best friend's mom also has some in her backyard and they grow incredibly well there, and come back each year, which is what gave me hope for growing my own :)

4 Aug, 2015


Ok, well good luck with them...

4 Aug, 2015

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