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Our house is screened from a main road by iron railings, but large parts are uncovered. We would like to build up a screen so the road is hidden visually, but that would also help any road noise. The issue is what to plant to give all year round cover. We have very large chestnut trees which line the railings, giving overhead cover, which makes the ground for planting very dry as little rain will get to it and it is also quite difficult because of the root system to dig down more than 6 to 12 inches to plant. Is there any type of fast grower that would survive lack of direct sunlight and lack of water to give us a permanent cover?



possibly some types of bamboo. there are also some large leafed ivies that might fit the bill too.

4 Aug, 2015


Ivy's about the only thing - those are inhospitable conditions for the majority of living things... It's probably easier and would be much more of a solution to add some fencing your side of the railings - willow or bamboo screening or the like.

4 Aug, 2015

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