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By Gillice

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have strawberry plants in planters. Now they've finished producing and I've removed mulch and dead leaves and runners, can I keep them in the planters to grow next year? Do I have to keep watering them or can I let them dry out? They were new plants this year.



I have planted them in baskets in the past – then when they had produced the fruit I removed them and grew on in pots until the following year – Just left them out side under a net to protect from frost – then replanted were I wanted to place them - Strawberries last for about 3 years then on the second year I normally take runners from the parent plans and pin them into a pot until they take root then separate them from the parent plant – this is my new plant for the 4 year after discarding the 3 year plant – but remove all runners from your strawberries that you are not using every year if you are not going to grow new plants from them – I have done it this way for years and get a very good crop of fruit every year .. But I’m sure some others may have other ideas on growing them..

4 Aug, 2015


You should keep watering them still, especially in warm or windy weather or they'll eventually die from dehydration. I'd even give them a tomato feed at this time. They make new leaves now and the new flower buds are also formed for next year. Once autumn comes you can ease off and in winter you won't need to water at all once they are dormant.

5 Aug, 2015

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