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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have picked the main crop of my broad beans, but there are quite a lot of very little ones formed, but the plants have suddenly developed a rust on the leaves. Should I now pull them up and for fit the second crop, is this common in the later planting of the beans? or is is just the thundery weather responsable



Sorry nobody has answered this one. I guess you'll have decided by now, but if it was me I think I would cut my losses and clear the ground. If the young pods are big enough and you still have them you can make nice soup with them, with some leek and a couple of stock cubes. Add some cream or creme fraiche after liquidising. I do this with early ones as I prefer the soup to the beans!

13 Aug, 2015


Thanks for the reply, Yes I have done exactly as you said. I cut them off to the ground to leave the nitrogen nodes in and discarded the rapidly rust infestaion plants. Thanks again

14 Aug, 2015

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