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By Sid

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me why my sweet peppers are small and very odd shaped? They are in large pots in the greenhouse, are fed regularly with tom feed and the door and window are usually open so that the pollinators can get in. I'd like to grow peppers like the ones at the supermarket! Thanks.



Hi Sid the peppers you see in the supermarket are the ones that have passed the 'shape, size' requirement. Your peppers are just fine and are just as usable as any pepper on sale just not as attractive or large. You may even find they taste better!

5 Aug, 2015


Mine are still really slow this year, I usually have a really good crop, I changed to a mixed colour variety, not sure if its that or the extremes of temperatures we've been experiencing

I've been growing the long pointy grill peppers in previous years with success, bell peppers are quite big and take a long time to mature, like Mg says the supermarkets only choose the perfect shapes.....homegrown have the taste

6 Aug, 2015


Moon - yes, I fully appreciate that, my question is "why".

Pam - I've grown peppers for some years and always seem to have the same problem....

6 Aug, 2015


Commercial growers of bell peppers use huge polytunnels to grow the peppers in and, in fact, the majority of peppers in supermarkets are shipped in from Spain and the like. Our summers aren't really hot enough to produce large peppers.

6 Aug, 2015

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