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I have been given a dwarf morello cherry tree. It's about 4' at the moment. I was told that it would grow to 6' tall. I want to espalier or fan train it. What's the best way to do this and when? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've added a photo. Thanks.




What kind of support are you thinking of training it against? Morellos will be OK on a north wall if need be.

6 Aug, 2015


I was just going to use two sturdy 8' square posts and wire. I was kindawanting not to have it next to a wall so I can use i as a screen to compartmentalize my lawn from the house. It's a really sunny south facing garden. Am I wanting to much from the tree or is that doable?

6 Aug, 2015


Should be doable - don't know how it would do south facing though - maybe someone else will.I had a look on google and it didn't mention aspect so looks as though it will be fine. But it did say fan training is best. Suggest you look on Google as there seems to be a lot of useful info on there.

8 Aug, 2015

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