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would like to identify this plant, it is about 4 foot high and appears annually. Would like to take a cutting or find out how to make another plant from it, it is so lovely.

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Anemone japonica aka x hybrida, possibly Honorine de Joubert.
Root cuttings any time.

8 Aug, 2015


thank yu

8 Aug, 2015


It's also called Windflower.

8 Aug, 2015


Why does everyone else like these? Or perhaps they are not as invasive as the pink ones that I keep trying to get rid of. Have now resorted to weed killer - but they will probably come back!

8 Aug, 2015


It would be very boring if everyone liked the same plants Honeysuckle....I like the white ones,and yes,they can be invasive,but any signs of new ones growing where I don't want them,are dug out,so I don't find them a problem..As suggested Linda,root cuttings ,or you will find new ones growing all on their own..

9 Aug, 2015


Wish weed killer worked. I have been putting it on one patch of the pink one for 6 years now and still it keeps on coming back. Digging them out has never worked either, any tiny scrap left will re-grow. In one area I removed all the soil and replaced it with a special mix for a sand bed for alpines to a depth of 2 feet. 3 years later guess what came up?

9 Aug, 2015


I lost my pink one,Ob,maybe it's just as well,reading your comment :o) Do you think Roundup would work,as it's what I use on Bindweed?

9 Aug, 2015


Tried every weed killer on the market, except Sodium chlorwhatever as I do not want to kill everything else in that area.
Don't get me wrong I quite like them in flower, I just don't need a thirty foot long stretch of them in one of the borders.

9 Aug, 2015


Weedkillers just aren't as effective as they used to be. There is a bramble crawling under the fence from an uncared for patch of ground by the house the other side. Twice I've sprayed it (carefully) and all that happens is it seems to get greener and longer. Unfortunately I can't reach far enough under the fence to either pull it out or dig it out and if I push it back through it will only get bigger and bushier.

Oh, for neighbours who look after their plots!

11 Aug, 2015

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