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Hi all. Don't have garden now, drat, just a balcony with pots. Can anybody let me know what has grown in one of my pots please? First pic is last week, second is now.

Img_0812 Our_whatever_plant_1_



Well it is a lily, one of the Oriental type, but as to which one I don't know.

8 Aug, 2015


Beg to differ with you but a balcony with pots is a garden.

8 Aug, 2015


Beautiful, enjoy your lily!

8 Aug, 2015


Definitely a Lily..and they are hardy,so they will reappear every year..My Oriental lilies are only just coming into least 5 feet tall,so they were staked at the beginning of the growing season..I don't know the name of yours either,but it's a pretty one..

9 Aug, 2015


Loosestrife - I've got a balcony with pots, and it ain't a garden - no soil beneath your feet for one thing, and insufficient space, I still long for a proper garden again...

Agree, its a Lily of some variety

9 Aug, 2015


Its all a mindset Bamboo. I have seen plenty of GOY members with only balconies, cement patios and even windowsills with nothing else and yet they creatively decorate them with plants and proudly call them their gardens.

9 Aug, 2015


Still isn't a garden as such Loosestrife - a garden to me means soil that you plant things in, not a balcony with pots on it! Maybe it is one of those UK - US things...

9 Aug, 2015


That's it Moon Grow! You just said it....."A Garden To Me Means...." Yes, you and I are very fortunate in that we can apply that gold standard definition of gardening but I feel that the urban gardener or rather those who have nothing to sink a shovel into( and once having lived in New York City for quite a while I will include myself) are in ever growing numbers and must not be excluded from being considered a gardener or from making a garden given the limitations. I think that this has nothing to do with cultural differences in this case, just how a people choose to live or how that choice is made for them by circumstances. You only have to look at the ever increasing number of publications being devoted to patio, terrace, and window "gardening" with that word included in the title.

10 Aug, 2015

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