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By Currant

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Strawberries - This year we have gone mad and made a birdproof strawberry cage and planted up two victorian style planters with new strawberryplants. The strawberries have been fantastic, but have been told that year two is better than year one - my worry is that when we planted them we incorporateed a slow release fertiliser which will obvioulsy be used up by this season. Were the strawberries this year so good due to the fertiliser? and if so how do I fertilise next year without emplying and replanting with more slow release capsules?

Also I have noticed a few vine weevils fall to the ground whilst picking the strawberries - how do I control them?

If anyone has got any advise on these two questions would be very grateful



I've just ordered some Nemesys vine weevil killer from Unwins £9.70 with the delivery charge, Unwins also have an information sheet on the right hand side of the page under growing guides which I found really useful. I used Provado not realising how bad it was - but you can't use that on edibles anyway.

25 Jul, 2010


Hi Daisylou
Thanks very much for that. Have just looked up Nemesys, will give it a go. I didnt realise that they attacked raspberries as well - my raspeberries are next door to my strawberries! I might need two packs.
Thanks again

25 Jul, 2010


Glad to help Currant, something I've just learnt myself so it was nice to be able to help someone else!! I was out with a torch and an ice cream carton last night picking them off...

25 Jul, 2010


As for feeding your plants next year, I use tomato food for mine and usually have a bumper crop. Don't forget that strawberries start to decline after three or four years and should be replaced to keep things going. I always grow on the runners from my plants to replace or increase plant stocks.

25 Jul, 2010


Thanks Ian, I will use tom food next year. If you say you keep your plants for 3 -4 years then replace with new ones from the runners - does that mean you grow on the runners and use them in the next season, or do you grow them on in pots for a year before they fruit? (if you see what I mean!)

So nice to see you have rescued hens / chickens, its a horrible thought that they go to the slaughter house. Our greyhound is a rescue, she was saved at the last minute and i love her to bits - dislike cruelty on any level - although I must say that the leek moth and vine weevil do cause a headache!

25 Jul, 2010


Hi Currant, I grow my runners on at the end of one season, either in pots or if I have space directly into the ground, and they flower and fruit the following year.

I dislike cruelty on all levels as well but find sometimes it's impossible not to use "definitive solutions" especially with vine weevils, cabbage white larvae and pea moth grubs!

25 Jul, 2010


..... And slugs and snails!!!!! :o(((((

26 Jul, 2010


Thanks Ian for your reply, now i understand.
Yes i agree, sometimes you have no alternative unless you dont grow anything, and then i suppose that means that other wildlife suffers! - well, thats how i pacify myself anyway.
Nariz - slugs and snails are such a nuisance, I would happily set aside an area just for ALL the preditors to munch on, if only that would mean they left mine alone!

1 Aug, 2010

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