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Hi, can you please advise me on what I should be feeding my kew green skimmia's. I have two both grown in half whiskey barrels. Many thanks.



If planted in reasonably good garden soil then that's it for your skim, it will be more than happy to look after itself without any pruning, feeding or other care - truly a delightful shrub for the lazy gardener! They will last for around 20 years. -They have a definite preference for slightly acidic soil although they can grow well in neutral soil with a little help. They do not grow well in alkaline soils. They need semi-shade throughout the year

9 Aug, 2015


Mine grow extremely well in very alkaline, dry, sandy soil - I don't think this shrub is particular about growing conditions. I've never grown it in a tub, though.

9 Aug, 2015


They might need feeding in pots - assuming you topdress the pots in spring (scraping out loose soil and weed/lichen/algae/moss, then topping off with fresh compost) add a handful of Growmore granules beneath the fresh compost. alternatively, a couple of doses of Miracle Gro General Purpose in April and again in May. Do not feed now, though, its too late in the year.

9 Aug, 2015

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