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I am new to growing tall bearded iris, next year I hope to cut some blooms for placing into vases. Is there a correct way of cutting them so I will get the best from my cut flower, for example cut the spike when the first bloom is fully open? Any tip will be appreciated...thanks!



The only time I have them in a vase is when they get snapped off [careless Hubby!] they rarely all fully open in my experience. Sadly.

10 Aug, 2015


Thank you for your reply, next year I might experiment by cutting the spikes at various stages of development...perhaps some varieties are more successful as cut blooms than others. Must admit I have never seen tall bearded iris sold as cut flowers.

10 Aug, 2015


John, I found this for you:
For longer lasting flowers cut your Iris early in the day with the buds just opening. Place them in a bucket of tepid water and re-cut the stem end underwater at an angle one inch up. Display your Iris in a cool niche away from direct sun and drafts.
Pinch off & remove wilted flowers immediately. Check the water level every day and replenish as needed.
Tip: Cut Iris tend to drip a sap-like substance. The drips from dark Iris can stain fabric and other surfaces. We suggest placing an underlay beneath the vase of Iris, or placing the vase on a non-porous surface.

Only 60-75% of Iris bloom the first year after planting. Sometimes they need an extra year to become established.

11 Aug, 2015

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