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Hi can you tell me what's happening to my fuchsia

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Photos aren't exactly clear, but it looks remarkably like Fuchsia Gall Mite attack - sorry to say there is no treatment, but its best to remove the fuchsia entirely so that spread is restricted. More info here

10 Aug, 2015


Definitely Fuchsia Gall Mite very infectious be careful it spreads very easy what area are you.

10 Aug, 2015


Hope you guys who responded get this many thanks for your help it's of down the dump tomorrow oh by the way i am bognor regis West Sussex
Many thanks

10 Aug, 2015


Ah, coastal county then, where it has spread along the south coast... still worth it, living by the sea, gall mite or not!

10 Aug, 2015


Hi there all dug out and baged up what's the best way to get rid.? Down to the local dump??

10 Aug, 2015


Is it right the first case was in Fareham in 2007, that about 20 miles west of here

10 Aug, 2015


I would burn it so as to not aid its spread.

11 Aug, 2015


Hi, I live in London and my 20yr old Fuchsia has Gall mite it's in the ground, it's going to be upsetting but I have to get rid, also another on the opposite side, and all but one (which seems to be ok) in containers. My question is how soon can I plant another ? Or should I find somethinG else ?.

12 Aug, 2017


I think I would find something else as unless you can find & eradicate the source you will likely get it again & as you have found it is very upsetting to have to destroy plants.
When it comes to destroying the plants it's best to burn then as otherwise the weevil is just spread further.

12 Aug, 2017


Thank you, I'll probably wait awhile before I buy anything else for those corners.
I can only think that it came on one of the plants that I bought from a church fuchsia show.
But never say die ,I've just bought another from Morrisons that is going on the balcony other side of my flat.

12 Aug, 2017


Fingers crossed for you.

13 Aug, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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