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Wilting evergreen clematis. I bought avalanche in flower this spring and put it straight into the ground. Over the last month it has been sending out new growth but I forgot to check it during last week when it was warm and dry . There are many dry crinkled leaves but some still look limp in spite of copious watering. I have now added a bark mulch. My question is should I cut it down , it's only 18 inches high but quite a few stems.

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Avalanche is a trailing/scrambling non clinging climber. The secret is to plant deeper then the top so it can shoot from below ground and this helps to avoid Clematis wilt, if you did this cut it down to below any dry or wilting stems mulch well and leave alone and it should be ok. Also the roots should be in shade if there is no foliage cover to start off.

11 Aug, 2015


That is one of my favourite clematis (would be perfect if the flowers weren't quite so big).
It's a "Group One" clem - if it was in good health it would be a bit late for pruning without risking next year's flowers. But take a look at or the RHS page - particularly the "initial pruning" section. You may lose a lot of flowers next year but treating it as if you had just planted it might be your best option. And remember to water it!

11 Aug, 2015


Hopefully it will recover when it gets a bit cooler. It's an expensive plant to lose.

11 Aug, 2015


I dont think you will lose it they can behave oddly the first few years and eventually they do grow well.

12 Aug, 2015

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