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Unusual - gardeners delight toms

As usual I have a great number of these toms and 6 trusses on a couple of my plants. Most of the toms are now red for 2/3 of their height, but the tops are yellow.
Is this normal ? I don't remember seeing this before.




It's called yellow shoulder. Something to do with the uptake of potassium, or lack of. The easiest thing for you to do is Google yellow shoulder as I can't copy and paste the page on my iPad.

12 Aug, 2015


Or green back if its bright green...some varieties are more prone than black bottom too!
these wide temperature fluctuations don't help

12 Aug, 2015


Thanks once again, i knew you'd know.

12 Aug, 2015


Having now read about yellow shoulder, it's qpparently due to high heat. What high heat ? Not this year around the Manchester area !
So it's mainly down to the lack of potassium and ph levels.
Anyway, we'll justvhave to eat them, having chopped their tops off - rather like one treats a boiled egg.

12 Aug, 2015


We had the high 30's one day in july..itsbeen warm in the greenhous though

12 Aug, 2015


Its another daft year for the g'house grower and very difficult for some crops, my toms are all ripening ok but they will finish a lot earlier this year as no new flowers forming, its not a case of me stopping them this year, they have stopped themselves, I haven't done anything differently and have been feeding them..

12 Aug, 2015


How odd gardeners delight have developed tiny leaves on the upper surface of the leaf axils.......I'm getting new sideshoots too and having to remove them again, weird as you say.....

13 Aug, 2015


I shall definitely grow some different toms next year. Any suggestions ?

14 Aug, 2015


I have Sweet 100 as well as gardeners delight both are ripening well the last few days

14 Aug, 2015

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