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Hi. Is this a kaffir lily? Thanks




Yes, looks like "Major" possibly.

Schozostylis coccinea or more properly Hesperantha coccinea.

Kaffir is a perjorative used in (old) South Africa and a word best avoided.

12 Aug, 2015


I agree, Schizostylis but mine don't usually flower till autumn up to and including Christmas. Having said that, I have Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles' flowering now.
I have always known it as Kaffir Lily, it's common name, which is used by most gardeners I know especially the ones that can't pronounce it's latin name.

12 Aug, 2015


Is the common name not the Crimson flag lily? Anyway, that's the common name all the people I know would use.

12 Aug, 2015


never heard it called than Joanii11 but it is a nice name.
Mine started flowering in October and was wonderful all autumn and it has thrown flowers up of an on all year.

12 Aug, 2015


Thanks everyone!

12 Aug, 2015


It is a nice name Seaburngirl but chosen by a friend of mine sitting with me when I/we read the offensive name used. I'm surprised nobody has made an official complaint to have the offensive word removed.

12 Aug, 2015


Always been known as a Kaffir Lily to me and there is no need for anyone to be offended by calling it that, (edited my original comment because it came across as very blunt).Forgot to say its very pretty and thanks for giving it the latin name, as is usual I won't remember it and yes I too don't know how to pronounce the latin names..

12 Aug, 2015


I have these in the garden, and this year I have one in flower from July, never had one in flower this early before.

14 Aug, 2015


Here in the States, the "K" name used to be used for Clivias. By the way, I'm not normally rabidly P.C., but definitely in favor of the demise of the pejoratives.

15 Aug, 2015

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