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My 6 foot sunflowers have had their heads completely eaten could a slug have done this ? I did find some slime on one of the plants.



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13 Aug, 2015


The slugs chew on the leaves, but the squirrels can gnaw through the woody stem; rabbits too.

14 Aug, 2015


I 've found snails in the flower heads so yes slugs/snails likely culprits. We find snails under the eaves of the house so climbing not a problem.

14 Aug, 2015


Snails can't remove the entire seedhead and carry it away. That's a squirrel.

14 Aug, 2015


Didn't say the seedhead had been entirely removed and carried away though?

14 Aug, 2015


It's a squirrel. Snails eat leaves, not seeds. They do same to my sunflowers.

14 Aug, 2015

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