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I have a cherry blossom tree (dark red) and although the leaves looked healthy in the spring they are now brown and shrivelled and most have fallen off. The same happened last year. Is the tree dead and should I just have it removed?



Something is wrong for certain and it's probably a root fungus. The tree though not dead is diseased and can be removed if that is your choice. Once removed do not plant anything in its place for a few years since the soil is most likely contaminated with whatever infected it.

14 Aug, 2015


Well clearly its not dead because it did this last year but still put out leaves this year. Can you post a photograph and answer a couple of questions:

How long have you had this tree?

Can you inspect it from top to bottom and side to side, checking all branches, the trunk right down to the base, and stems for any sign of something that shouldn't be there please (such as soft spots, weep stains, insects, fungus)?

14 Aug, 2015


Mabye this is the natural cycle of the tree
Because the same happened last year,it could be something to do with the environment...
how often do you water/feed/prune the tree?
Maybe check if its damaged anywhere?

14 Aug, 2015


Our red leaved crab is an old tree, it doesn't like hot dry conditions and like now has an early autumn, as its a wet day it could stop going brown, just conserving energy I think....

14 Aug, 2015


Many thanks for useful info

15 Aug, 2015

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