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New dwarf Buddlejas.

I am interested in people's experience of growing the new Buddleja hybrids from America such as Flutterby (Davidii-free Petite) or the Lo and Behold Chips.

I have grown several myself and am finding them mostly to be a disappointment. Red Chip and Flutterby Blue Heaven are the exception.

The T&M Buzz plants are quite good although they reach at least five foot/1.5 metres in height.



In what way "disappointing"?

14 Aug, 2015


For example:
Slow to flower; poor colour; lax habit; and easy to kill.

14 Aug, 2015


I've had Blue Chip for several years and am thinking of sending it for lessons in how to flower. Certainly had never performed like the pic in the catalogue - in fact its never had more than one or two measly little attempts at all. Planted it out in the ground this year and it looks a lot more vigorous - but still no flowers though there's a suspicion of a few buds so fingers crossed.

14 Aug, 2015


Yep! Blue Chip is so bad it has been superceded by Blue Chip Jr., which is smaller, less brittle and flowers earlier. According to the publicity that is.

15 Aug, 2015


Has it been a good year for buddleia otherwise - I haven't noticed the ones at work which usually hit you as walk by and my various neighbours who have them don't seem to be smothered in flowers (had a look this morning).

15 Aug, 2015


How big does Blue Chip grow? I think I've put it in the wrong place anyway!

15 Aug, 2015

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