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I am being driven to distraction by my new lovely landscaped garden being wrecked nightly by a family if badgers

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I am being driven to distraction by my new lovely landscaped garden being wrecked nightly by a family of badgers . They love my new raised vegetable beds and have eaten so many of my crops. Now they are digging up the flower borders and the fruit beds. Help any ideas . I have cats so need something that won't frighten them out of their own garden. I know where they are coming in and have tried to block it up, but they just move the blocks of wood out the way. I have heard about lion lung pellets being a good deterrent but this will also deter my cats. Anyone any ideas....



I thought badgers were carnivores?? Heard they might do damage while hunting for eartworms.
curious to hear feedback from others. Good luck Panther1!!

15 Aug, 2015


Badgers are omnivores they also like to eat roots and fruits as well as meatier fare. They are also good problem solvers so I would suggest you call a pest control company, otherwise they have you over a barrel.

15 Aug, 2015


In the UK Loosestrife badgers are a protected species so calling pest control is not a solution. Once they work out how to get into your garden Panther, as you are discovering, it is difficult to keep them out. We had one that visited and was a real challenge, checking the advice of others we soaked rags in Jeyes fluid and attached where he/she was coming in. To be honest not sure it worked or not was the farmer ploughed the field at the back of our house and I think that may have been what put the badger off. If you put 'badger problem' into the search box above you'll see lots of threads discussing how folk on GoY have tried to deal with the problem Panther and welcome to GoY.

15 Aug, 2015


That's interesting Moon. We have the same regulations here for some animals. In the USA there are individuals who have a special license to trap and relocate the really pesky protected animals that are causing serious damage to an individuals property once that situation is verified. Perhaps that type of resolution is offered in the UK too.

15 Aug, 2015


Badgers are territorial and live as a family group, so if captured and moved to a different location they wont be accepted into a new one and will be attacked as a stranger and many die of the injuries.

You could try a electric fence that they use for foxes it may put them off , if you have spent all that money on landscaping worth every penny.

my brother laid a new lawn and they dig that up looking for grubs it was a right old mess

15 Aug, 2015


Trouble is they are creatures of habit and go where they've always gone. We have a track over our lawn in winter where they cross it, and a worn place on a bank where they climb over it. I did try chilli pepper after they dug up all my tulips but when I got a bit in my own eye I couldn't bring myself to do it any more...

15 Aug, 2015


Thank you for all your suggestions ....last night we changed the wooden blocks for concrete ones and that stopped them from coming in, hope they don't find another way in...but at least I had one night without destruction to the garden. Fingers crossed we gave solved the problem ....

15 Aug, 2015


Hmm...they like more veggies than I realized! :)
Maybe a hot pepper spray would help?

16 Aug, 2015


Spoke too soon. Concrete blocks in place, but they have found a new way in via another neighbours garden and wrecked the place again. Cheers Brock....

16 Aug, 2015


...pee hasn't helped, and I blocked the hole up completely were they were coming through and what did they do? Dig a two foot hole under the fence and blocks...what a mess. I will leave them a gap tonight not such a terrible mess to sort out

20 Aug, 2015

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