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By Bloomer

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone name the daisy type flowers in the trough please.?.it came through the winter,from a packet of seeds sown for last summer..




Looks abit like the argyranthemum I have.....mines pink though.....

15 Aug, 2015


Looks like argyranthemum to me too. They used to be called Marguerite.

15 Aug, 2015


Wasn't argyranthemum all under chryanthemum until all this renaming went on?......

Yours look lovely Bloomer x

15 Aug, 2015


Thank you Pam and Arbuthnot..I would never have guessed,as I assumed Argyranthemum were much bigger flowers..just shows how much I know ! :o)

15 Aug, 2015


It's Creeping Daisy (Leucanthemum paludosum), a hardy annual. Here in the desert, we grow it as a winter blooming "wildflower". I don't know how well it reseeds itself in other climates.

16 Aug, 2015


Don't remember any seedlings Tug, gets cut down by the frosts.....
funny summer here, its mid august and last night the temerature dropped to 7c.....lower further north, not normal at all ?

16 Aug, 2015


Well, when I said "hardy", I meant to -7ยบ C. It's not in the same league as winter-blooming pansies! :)

16 Aug, 2015


No, them and viola's are good, I find viola's stand the frost better and have less diseases than their big cousins

17 Aug, 2015


True, Pamg. Bloomer, its juxtaposition to a Clarkia makes me wonder if it wasn't part of a "Low Growing Flower Mix" seed packet.

19 Aug, 2015

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