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Caring for Geum Blazing Sunset & potentilla atrosanguinea argyrophylla


By Ads2k15

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I have a Geum Blazing Sunset planted last autumn which has not grown at all and only has a few leaves just slightly above the soil level. Does anyone else have one of these or any suggestions as to why mine is not taking off? I'm contemplating putting it in a pot to establish then back in the border maybe.

I've just pruned back the surrounding plants in the border which could have been blocking light from it (penstemon heavenly blue and potentilla argyrophylla - the latter also was planted last year but has had barely any flowers and needed pruning as it was encroaching on the grass and making what looked like runners - the plant care label doesn't mention pruning so any advice on this plant would be appreciated also!)

Many thanks



Hi, Geum like a fertile well drained soil in full sun, apart from G rivale and its cultivars, which like a moist humus rich soil, but is not waterlogged in winter, while Potentilla like a poor to moderately fertile, well drained soil, also in full sun, depending on species, Penstemon prefer a fertile, well drained soil, in full sun or partial shade, so it sounds as if your conditions don't suit all of the 3 plants you have growing together.
Penstemon are not particularly hardy, and should be given a dry mulch in winter, and dead headed after flowering to maintain their vigour, Derek.

16 Aug, 2015


Your potentilla will want to make a biggish clump so rather than keeping cutting chunks off it you might be better to move it further away from the lawn, bearing in mind what Derek said about the soil. If your soil suits the potentilla and not the geum try digging up the geum and mixing some gel granules into the planting hole. If the potentilla looks healthy apart from not flowering try giving it some sulphate of potash in the spring.
Penstemons will also make quite aq big clump in two or three yearts so its as well to allow for this when planting them out.
When you are a fairly new gardener take a note of what does well for you and what doesn't - we all learn as we go.

16 Aug, 2015


Also be sure to take seriously the spacing recommendations on any new plants. A square meter of ground may look better immediately with 16 plants instead of the recommended 4, but later on there will be casualties.

16 Aug, 2015

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