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Is this a weed or a plant? If it's a plant what is it?




It's a weed in my garden.

16 Aug, 2015


Hi it is definitely a plant and if you don't want it then it becomes a weed. I cant put a name to it though. Any plant not growing where you want it fits the definition of a weeds.

16 Aug, 2015


It is one of the many weedy species of spurge. It generally pulls up easily, but the seeds just keep sprouting all through the growing season. Heavy mulches--1 inch plus thick--discourage it in flower beds. In the hotter parts of the U.S., it can become a serious weed in lawns. The best defence there is good lawn management--good grass selection, proper watering, regular feeding, and frequent mowing. Pre-emergents applied in late winter can help with stubborn infestations.

16 Aug, 2015

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