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I have three cuttings from a scented pelargonium. One is huge and the other two still small. I have another half a dozen out in the garden from the same batch of cuttings which are doing well and looking compact. Anyone know why one is so different from the rest? The leaves are thinner too and very different from the parent plant which lives at my sisters. I over wintered it for her in my greenhouse and had permission to prune!!

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If you are working with hybrids, sometimes they revert or one plant prevails in the gene pool

17 Aug, 2015


I've found cuttings often do grow at different rates. I can't see much difference between the leaves of the two plants . Are the leaves of the larger one still scented? I would suggest that the larger one simply grew roots before the small one. If they were in different pots it would look as though the small one had more light than the large one but that can't be the reason when they are both in the same pot. If they continue to grow like this and you don't like the spindly one just discard it.

17 Aug, 2015


Thanks for your replies. I don't mind the spindly one,just fascinated at the difference in size. The leaves are still rose scented. They have all been in this pot since I cut them...I did wonder if it was some odd gene that was coming out. I hope I can keep it going and will be interested to see what happens after I separate them this weekend.

19 Aug, 2015


You may well find the smaller one has fewer roots - would like to know the results please!

19 Aug, 2015


They are all well anchored Steragram! I will let you know what happens to be continued....!

22 Aug, 2015

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