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I have a young Daphne 'everlasting fragrance' in a pot and the leaves have started to go yellow and drop off. After researching on Google I have learnt that some people have had success with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). In my medicine drawer we have a little pot of MS which is in paste form. Can I use this diluted and if so, have you any idea of the ratio to water? Thankyou.



Hi, I've never tried this but it should work, it's the same thing made into a paste, so I would just sort of 'unmake' the paste, but you don't want to make it too strong, so I would probably greatly dilute it, I would think about a quarter of a 50 gram tub, to about 2 gallons of water, try that and see what results you get, Derek.

17 Aug, 2015


Thankyou Derek. So good to try something we already have in!

17 Aug, 2015

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