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My carnation cuttings have all rooted well.Do I nip the tops out,or just leave them alone?Also,how do I overwinter them?




Well done you ....

Nip the tops out as this will help them to get side shoots and make bushier plants and also stops them going leggy.

Are they in pots or planted in the open ground ?

I always try and keep this years cutting in the greenhouse and plant out after the frost in late April/ May depending where you live, I find them just too small for the 1st winter out they may not survive ? ... after all that work rooting them I find not worth the risk.


18 Aug, 2015


Thankyou for that.They are in pots and I will follow your wise advice.

19 Aug, 2015


thanks ...

keep them dryish over winter if you can, don't over-water it may cause the roots to rot , just keep them ticking over and keep a eye out for greenfly.

19 Aug, 2015

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