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I am looking for a successful shady planting scheme under a purple leaf plum tree. I planted double-headed daffodil bulbs in a ring around the base which, though successful and striking left nothing afterwards because I didn't know what to plant to cover the spent leaves. I would ideally like to plant something akin to the hardy cranesbill (which I have in a sunny spot to the left of the tree) but I want a colour match with yellow loosestrife at the back of the tree trunk, ideally long flowering for summer and a colour that'll stand out in the shade. The soil is quite dry. I have a north facing garden - the sun comes around late morning from left to right, and so while the left and front of the beds gets some sun, the right of the tree is in permanent shade. Something bushy and striking that'll cope with semi-shade?



Hello Guest, if you either use the site search box at the top for "shade plants" or go to the tips (to the right of yr question as it appears on the list of new ones) - I looked under "groups of plants" and then found shady ones somewhere, you should find lots of suggestions by members to similar questions already asked.
Cranesbills are often pink, but maybe a very pale one or white might be possible?

25 Jul, 2010


thanks! :-)

25 Jul, 2010

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