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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

What can I put in my garden Now , in a plot about 4' x 7' . Also my Runner Beans aren't so good this year , anyone else the same problem ( Cambridgeshire ) But finished now BUT had about 34 cucumbers in and outside my greenhouse , The most I've ever had . Mini & ' bumpy " skin variety .



If you are not happy with your runner beans, pull them out. They are just taking up space and pulling valuable nutrients out of the ground. Clean up the bed, put down another layer of compost and plant cool weather crops. Most leafy greens & root vegetables would do well.

20 Aug, 2015


Try to leave the roots of the beans in the ground though, because they will have made nodules of nitrogen which will benefit the ground next year. Its too late for root veg in the UK. Suggestions in your other question.

20 Aug, 2015

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