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I have a lovely healthy green cordyline that has out grown its pot again and the space on the decking. There is nowhere else to put it in back garden but we do have space out in the front but it would need to go into the ground it will have direct sunlight but left to its own devices it would be watered as and when needed and fed with miracle grow plant food once a fortnight would it survive from pot to ground please help

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Yes but be aware it will grow into a tree. Don't feed in the second part of summer.

20 Aug, 2015


Steragram is right, but they are fairly slow-growing. We've had a healthy green Cordyline in the ground for three years now and it's still only 3ft high.

20 Aug, 2015


I have just had 2 Cordylines professionally removed, but they took about 14 years to gain such height! View my blog from yesterday if you wish.

20 Aug, 2015

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