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I live in the US, and am looking for a good ground cover on a sunny slope, hardy to zone 6 or 7.



My suggestion would be Crown Vetch.

20 Aug, 2015


I would suggest one of the creeping types of sedum. Being a succulent, there would be more fire resistance (can you tell I'm originally from California ?).

21 Aug, 2015


Check out the ice plants. They are good ground covers that are in constant bloom, assortment of colors. It's used a lot in California for erosion control

21 Aug, 2015


From the satellite photos I have seen recently, it looks like a big chunk of that state is ablaze.

21 Aug, 2015


Loosestrife2 CA is ablaze because of 4 years of drought. We are looking to Canada for help.

21 Aug, 2015

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