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Does saxifraga die back completely?



depends on the species. Some do totally Saxifraga cortusifolia black ruby did this winter whilst S hirsuta doesnt for me.
So do you know which one you are growing Vg. and welcome to GoY

25 Jul, 2010


Again, forgot to say thanks at the time for your answer, mainly bcos I forgot which website I'd posted my question on (a senior moment). My saxigraga has been a superstar, performed well all summer, flowered so many times and it is still green, thriving and has spread to double its size in a season!! Will have to take some of it back this year as it's now encroaching on the lawn!! Still, better this way than the other! But thanks again. I can look for the label if you're interested?
cheers, Michelle

27 Jan, 2011

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