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After finding bright green caterpillars on my 2 phlox plants
i tried without success to remove them all without using pesticides, the plants were glorious three weeks ago but now they are shabby and some leaves are partly covered in a silver/grey powdery substance can you please help, both plants are in containers.



Sounds like powdery mildew - that often sets in when plants are too dry at the root. Increase watering (Phlox, if you have Phlox paniculata, are thirsty plants) and spray them with 1 part cow's milk to 9 parts water mixed in a sprayer - spray till run off.

21 Aug, 2015


agree with the treatment for the mildew. as you have picked off the caterpillars then that will be the end of the problems for this season.

21 Aug, 2015

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