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how do you pronounce the word Sphaerocephalon

On plant Allium sphaerocephalon



I pronounce it as sf-air-o-sef-a-lon. dont know if thats right mind :o)

25 Jul, 2010


That's how I pronounce it.

25 Jul, 2010


I'd say it with a hard "c" - sfer-o-kef-a-lon

You say tomato ...

25 Jul, 2010


hi thats good Fractal. I often get funny looks from people.

25 Jul, 2010


It's all (ancient) Greek to me anyway....well apart from the Latin that is mostly used in binomial nomenclature. We should of course say scientific name rather than Latin as Greek is used frequently too albeit a latinised form of it. It breaks down completely when you use the surname of a person in the species name such as: Gunn=gunnii or Johnston=Johnstonii.

25 Jul, 2010


that is so true Fractal. I was always taught single c was s and cc was k but it only applied if the c was in the middle of a word. arggggh!

25 Jul, 2010


Yes, I hope you pronounce my name Fraktal and not Frastal :-) Lol

I have heard (and read) that Ceanothus can be pronounced two ways, hard and soft......Tomayto/tomarto!

25 Jul, 2010


Well according to my idiot's guide to pronunciation of Plant names, you're right about Ceanothus, Fractal, it is, c or k - as for the sphearea thingummy originally asked about, the book shows a soft c in the middle, so you're right, Seaburngirl!

26 Jul, 2010


I can spell it as I write it from time to time, but Its one of those words I never speak! as I either order them on line or grab some in the GC. I call mine 'those pretty pink Alliums that come out in July' and always get the right response, wish it was that easy with other plants lol.

26 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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