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By Solada

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone name this plant for me please.
Can I take a cutting now(I am only holidaying here til end of month).
Hope you can open pic..just upgraded to Windows 10 and still finding my way round it,




The photo is quite blurred, so it's hard to make out exactly what it is. Do have a 'macro' setting on your camera? If so (it's indicated by a little flower symbol), try photographing the plant again.

22 Aug, 2015


It's a campanula of some sort, if you're here another month there should be seed by then, I've grown several varieties from seed and they are very easy to germinate,or some spread by runners so if you look at the base of the plant you may be able to prise a rooted piece off and pot it up.

22 Aug, 2015


Doesn't look like any kind of campanula to me - for one thing, it seems to have purple foliage and stems.

We need a clearer picture, showing all the leaves and growth habit please.

22 Aug, 2015


Looks like one of the Campanula puntata types to me.

22 Aug, 2015


I agree that it looks like a Campanula punctata, possibly 'Beetroot' which has red young leaves and red stems.

22 Aug, 2015


One of the more vigorous Campanula. I don't see how ycould atke cutting.s but seed would propagete easily.

22 Aug, 2015


Campanula punctata, but I don't know the variety name.

23 Aug, 2015


I have a Penstemon mystica which i grew from seed some years ago which looks similar

23 Aug, 2015


Thank you one and all.Yes,it does have red foliage,the flowers are similar to a foxglove in shape...a bell.
Do not have my camera withme which does have "macro" mode on it.

26 Aug, 2015

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