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Katsura japonica tree. Has anybody had experience of these trees . I am tempted to put one in our front garden but have read differing info re height after 20 years . Some sites say 4 metres others say 12/13 metres. We live in a bungalow so don't want lots of shade . My preferred planting area is about 4 metres from the house and about a metre and a half from a garden wall. Thank you.



Cercidiphyllum japonicum doesn't cast a lot of shade, so don't worry about that. Mine is about 15 years old and perhaps 6 metres tall, and it's quite wide at the bottom. You could remove the lowest branches if you didn't want the spread. Your position so close to the garden wall might be a problem.
It's a beautiful tree, one of my favourites. It's late into leaf in the spring and early to colour and lose its leaves in autumn, so expect it to be bare for several months. The smell of the falling leaves is wonderful, I have to keep finding excuses to go and stand in that part of the garden just to enjoy the toffee aroma!

22 Aug, 2015


You might like to consider whether branches would eventually overhang your neighbour's garden too.
Are you sure it would be hardy where you live?

23 Aug, 2015

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