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By Ogon

lancs, United Kingdom Gb

does anyone know the best way to remove leatherjackets from my lawn, thanks in advance.



The only method I know off is too lay black plastic or hessian sacks onto the lawn over night they will come out and stay on the surface of the turf and pick them up.

I know we have a nematode treatment but depending on the size of the lawn can be very expensive to use and its only certain times of the year you can use.

The chemical that was used has been withdrawn from public use and only lawn professionals can get hold of it to use now .


23 Aug, 2015


Control them by applying an insecticide based on an active ingredients of Chlorpyrifos or Imidacloprid as soon as you have performed a positive identification, usually in the period October through to the late spring or early summer months, dependant upon the soil moisture and soil temperature in the early spring.
Prevention is always better than cure so once one application has been performed; repeat annually if repeated outbreaks are common particularly in light sandy soil areas. The control product will not control any eggs so do not be tempted to apply the control product too early in September before the adults have laid their eggs and these have actually hatched in the soil.

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23 Aug, 2015


interesting read

23 Aug, 2015


Encourage starlings into your garden.

23 Aug, 2015


The Magpies usually take care of mine

23 Aug, 2015


Don't they hatch out into Daddy Long Legs at this time of year anyway?

23 Aug, 2015


Maybe beneficial nematodes?

24 Aug, 2015

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