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I have moved into a flat with court metal fencing in the garden so there is no privacy. Seeing as I am renting, I can't remove it and build new fencing. Does anyone have any ideas for how I could make it private? I was thinking screening and using cable ties to connect it to the metal bars, but don't know how secure it would be..
Also worth noting that my garden is on a slant, and currently at some points in the garden there is a foot gap underneath the fence to the ground. I'd want to somehow cover that gap so that I could keep my cat inside my garden (and would also want to attach metal netting at the top of whatever I'm using for privacy at a 45 degree angle coming inwards so my cat can't jump over)

Any advice is really appreciated! Could go with the garden screening but really not sure how secure it would be just with the cable ties and whether I could be able to close up the gap at the bottom or attach the metal netting at the top.




If you are renting, run the ideas you get past the landlord first to make sure that you are within the stipulations of your contract or problems might ensue. P.S. Are you allowed animals in your flat and if so is there a yearly fee for each animal attached to your rental for this? Make sure before you approach the landlord about the aforetomentioned.

23 Aug, 2015


Wouldn't have kept my younger moggie in--he thinks he's an extreme free-climber! :)

24 Aug, 2015


Willow screen fencing or reed/bamboo, secured into the ground (willow fence panel) or attached to the railings. To try to prevent your cat getting out on top, that's more difficult, can't think of a way you can do that, you'd probably need to use a strong wood batten and attach rigid trellis sections or something and secure that in some fashion - probably with fence posts on the inside and the wooden batten strung between them. I doubt any of this will keep the cat in though - in my experience, any healthy cat, if it wants to get out of the garden, will easily find a way. Those claws are pretty useful for shinning up verticals...

24 Aug, 2015

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