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We have a climbing rose on a north west facing wall.
This is it;s 3rd year. Last year it was a picture (see photo 1) but this year it is very disappointing. I pruned it in the spring, before leaf, and trained the leaders at an angle on the wires but long lengths of them have failed to produce laterals , resulting in the rather bare appearance shown in the other photos. We live in Lancashire an have admittedly had a dreadful spring and summer, with a lot of very strong winds (we are rather exposed to westerly winds) but last spring wasn't brilliant either and it put on far more leaf.
Can you suggest anything? I wondered if I had pruned it either too much or not enough. Should I cut a couple of the leaders right out to promote some fresh new ones? I wouldn't have thought at three years that was yet necessary

Rose_2014_1 Rose_2015_1 Rose_2015_2



Hello....just looking at the last two pics, the leaves also appear to be yellowing and unhealthy. I am wondering if with the heavy rains we have had this spring and early summer, the root area has become waterlogged and not free draining? Also I'm wondering which Rose you have and whether it is suited to a north-west position, also strong cold winds will have dried and checked the growth when it was at it's most vulnerable time.
I would prune the stems back by a third now and then again late winter.

23 Aug, 2015


Any harsh chemicals used in the area, lately? Power washed the roof? New concrete walkway in front of it? Started using gray water for irrigation? That kind of thing.

24 Aug, 2015


Mmm....the whole border doesn't look as healthy as the first pic unless you've moved things. How about the clematis that is flowering in the first pic? I think you may have a point there Tug.

24 Aug, 2015


Do you know the variety?
It looks as if it would benefit from renovation pruning this winter - take a look at the RHS webpage

I suspect that the bed isn't getting enough water - it's in the shadow of the house wall and there's a kerb around the bed which mean that it will only get the water that actually lands on the bed itself - no run off from the adjacent paving.
I would also remove the other plants from the bed until the rose has recovered - no point in making it compete for every drop of food and water.

24 Aug, 2015


Thanks for comments folks. Apologies for my tardiness in replying; desperately trying, between showers, to get wood treatment on oak windows n doors before we go away.
As for the rose, it is a Leverkusen climber. I should have said that the 2014 and 2015 pictures were taken at different times of year. 2014 was early summer and the others were now, hence why the clematis isn't flowering in this years pics.
I'm not aware of any chemicals etc being used nearby.
I dug down near the rose just now with a trowel and it is bone dry so I suspect Urbanite is correct.
I think it is a combination of stresses - cold spring, constant strong, cold winds, probably lack of water (it's really hard to imagine anything being short of water in Lancashire) and I think I may well have over-pruned it in spring.
I've given it a good drink. Will wait till winter and cut at least one older cane out to stimulate new basal growth, cut half the others back by a half and see what happens.
Will give it a good feed in the spring, a good dose of manure and make sure it's kept watered. Will also keep larger, possibly water hungry plants out of the bed.
We are also going to put in some windbreak fencing on western boundary. Lot's of our shrubs seem to suffer from the wind and it is a bit of an exposed site.
Fingers crossed

25 Aug, 2015

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