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hi all, ive been nurturing a Variegated Weigela cutting and its really started to look strong and i think is ready to pot out into the garden, im just wondering when is the best time to plant it out,

On plant Variegated Weigela

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How big is many stems, a photo would be good

24 Aug, 2015


as requested a photo of the said item

24 Aug, 2015


I'd suggest leaving it until its dormant, thats november to march and during a mild spell.

is its new home in a sheltered spot

My garden is quite open, especially to the north and east so personally I grow cuttings on into sturdy plants first, I over winter in a (hopefully) frost free greenhouse

But if you have a sheltered spot then you could plant it out as soon as its dormant and the weather mild
keep it well watered next year

24 Aug, 2015


Hi there
thanks for the great advice, the spot i have for it is in between a shed and a path, its to cover a bare corner and it does get a bit of shade, i will take your advice and keep it in a cold greenhouse and plant out next spring. I'm a competent gardener but lack confidence in matters that i haven't encountered before, so your advice has been a boon to me


24 Aug, 2015


Nice to be able to help, I see you've been on Goy for a while have you checked out the blogs......some nice garden ones, some fun ones too....☺

25 Aug, 2015

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