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By Pegasus

I have a cordyline is it possible to propagate a cutting from the main plant

On plant Cordyline australis



Mine sent out babies from the base but I'm not sure if you can take cuttings. Phormiums the same, spread from the base. Someone on here is sure to know though Pegasus.

25 Aug, 2015



Is it in a pot ? if yes , its so easy but needs to be done in the spring , take it out the pot , use a saw and cut the root ball in half drop the plant back in the original pot and replace the compost with fresh and the main trunk will re root into the fresh compost , this is also useful if they get too leggy. with the half you cut off keep the same way up and put in new pot and add fresh compost on top, in few weeks you will have fresh new growth emerging from the roots.


25 Aug, 2015


Well I'm confused, gnarly gnome - were you thinking of Phormium when you gave the instructions in your answer? Because that's how you propagate a phormium, though it doesn't have a trunk .... if you actually mean cordyline, gnarly, that's very interesting, never heard of doing that.

Cordyline is different. Presumably you have a cordyline already, but in order to take cuttings you need to cut it down and wait for new shoots to arrive at the base. The method used is more or less described in the link below, but the time to cut your plant down in this country is end of May or early June. You may need to wait until the following year before taking your cuttings, because you have to wait for the shoots, and then follow the procedure outlined in the link. Bear in mind that any timings or dates mentioned in the link apply to Australia and not to here...

26 Aug, 2015


Hi Bamboo


I have done the same for friends and they think I will kill the plant as it does look dramatic sawing though a root ball and putting back in the same pot.

Works a treat and I have the same plant in the same pot for over 10 years now.

I have given so many away over the years as its so easy to do.

I hope it made sense how do it ?


26 Aug, 2015


Yes, I understood it, just never heard of anyone doing it. I'm guessing if its in the ground its not quite so easy, specially if its quite sizeable.

26 Aug, 2015

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