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Hi, I have a couple of questions to ask! The clamatis on my photo 008 has stopped growing. I have two in the pot. Any ideas why? I was hoping it would have covered the trellis by now! Second question in the same vein actually... I have a dorothy perkins rose in a pot growing up my arch. When I sited it there last year it grew quickly to about 4ft, this year it has flowered but has not got any taller, was also hoping it would have been up and over the arch by now. Could it be the pot is not big enough and it would do better in the ground or can you clever people advise me to any other reason it has stopped growing??? Thankyou.



Personally, I think they all need to go in the ground as it seems the pots are restricting growth.

25 Aug, 2015


Agree with Cammomile, they'll do much better in the ground.

25 Aug, 2015


The rule of thumb with vines in pots is "3-4 times the size of the pot". I.e., if the vine is growing in a pot 30 cm across and deep, it will grow 90-120 cm long, etc.
Also, any plant in a container needs more frequent and consistent feeding than one in the ground.

26 Aug, 2015


Thankyou for your answers......I will be putting the rose in the ground and save up for some very big pots!!!

27 Aug, 2015

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