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Can l up lift a mature fuchsia and replant approximatly 1.1/2mt,s high and across



You can, whether it will survive i a different matter! You'll need to prune back and wait for at least a month to move. Make sure you have the new planting hole in place before you lift. BUT, at that size it i going to be difficult to lift a big enough root ball!

25 Aug, 2015


Perhaps take a few cuttings first just in case? I'd wait until its gone dormant, and replant it a couple of inches deeper than the present soil line.

25 Aug, 2015


As a rule of thumb, the best time to move a hardy fuchsia plant is when the leaves fall off and blooms are spent. However, transplanting fuchsia plants with foliage, and even with blooms intact, is often successful.

The best time to move a hardy fuchsia plant is when it has a few weeks to become established before the ground freezes and when it will not be subjected to stress from hot summer temperatures and drought.

This often means transplanting fuchsia plants in autumn

26 Aug, 2015


I moved a mature 'Mrs Popple' a couple of years ago. I didn't expect it to survive because I couldn't get all the roots out, but it had outgrown its space and was negatively affecting other plants, so it was worth a try. I watered it copiously twice a day, convinced I was fighting a losing battle, but it did eventually recover from the shock.

26 Aug, 2015

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