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Artichoke 'Green Globe' fails to bud


By Montee

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

This year, for the first time, I decided to grow an artichoke. As I was hoping to move house I put it in a pot after having googled for recommendations on pot size and conditions. The plant has been kept in a poly tunnel and watered regularly and looks very healthy but alas has produced no bud - any ideas anyone?



When I grew them, they didn't give buds until the second year.

26 Aug, 2015


Thank you Wylieinthea you have given me hope. As a matter of interest did you repot with fresh compost at the beginning of the second year?

26 Aug, 2015


I was able to grow it in the ground - it is a little warmer where I am.

27 Aug, 2015


Hi Wylie - ha ha you had to rub it in didn't you - it is very autumn like here already that's why I am so pleased we were able to afford a good size polytunnel. I could probably grow the artichoke in the ground outside but strong winds can hit us at any time so feel it is safer inside due to the height it can grow to.

27 Aug, 2015


I just got back inside after cutting several branches (2" across) on an Acacia that got blown over by strong winds we had yesterday. It rarely gets below 50°F here, although wind chill lets me grow Zone 9 plants.

27 Aug, 2015

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