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I have a mature rose bush . It is tall and full but the leaves are curling. The bush is very green. Looks good except for curling. What is it or what am I doing wrong.



Can you send a picture, Lili? Much depends on exactly how the leaves are curling.

27 Aug, 2015


Could be -Rose leaf-rolling sawfly this is an insect that can damage roses. Female sawflies insert eggs into rose leaflets, and while doing so, secrete chemicals that induce leaf rolling. Sometimes the leaflet is probed but no egg is laid, this process still results in leaf curling. Caterpillar-like larvae emerge from the eggs and feed within the rolled leaflets.

Attacks are particularly severe if there is warm weather during the egg-laying period in late spring-early summer, as this increases the sawfly’s activity. Light infestations can usually be tolerated, but where a large proportion of foliage has been affected the plant may suffer a loss of vigour.

There is a lot of information regarding this on the net

27 Aug, 2015

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