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By Kookey

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what do I do with the parent strawberry plant after runners have been put in separate pot?



It should bear fruit again next year so keep it.

27 Aug, 2015


Once the runner has rooted in the pot – cut it free from the parent plant – the parent plants are normally kept for 3 years before you discard them and plant the new plants that you have taken as runners –

As a rule of thumb you cut all runners from the main plants until its 3rd year of fruiting- then in its 3rd year take runners and plant in pots - once the runners have rooted cut from the main plant– this is your new stock– and discard the old plant - remembering to turn the soil dress and feed for the new season - I choose the strongest plants and the best bearers of fruit to take my runners off – the rest I discard. Then repeat the task every 3rd year

27 Aug, 2015

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