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I have just been given a parrot beak busy lizzie, repotted it and put it on a window sill but it's crying copiously,I've never had one of these plants before, it's been fed and watered. What's wrong?

On plant Impatiens niamniamensis




What do you mean by 'crying copiously'? If you mean its leaking sap, where from (leaves, main stem, branches)?

27 Aug, 2015


It seems to be leaking through the the stems and the leaves, but it has dried up through the day,

27 Aug, 2015


If you'd given it a good soaking after repotting (as you should) then that can sometimes mean the plant drips a sweet sap from the leaves, and it does stop as the water level falls, so doesn't sound like anything to worry about.

27 Aug, 2015


Thanks for answering so quickly.

28 Aug, 2015


The topmost leaves look like a bad greenfly infestation, though. Are tiny, soft, round green bugs clinging to the undersides of the new leaves?

29 Aug, 2015


Hello tugbrethil, thank you for coming back to me, with regard to the greenfly I can't see any, but some of the leaves are definitely curling under! also could you tell me is the sap poisonous? How should I treat the leaf problem?

1 Sep, 2015


If the "sap" is a clear, sticky deposit on the lower leaves, and whatever the plant is sitting on, that is further evidence of greenfly. I would thoroughly spray the leaves, top and underside, with a solution of organic dish soap, about 10-15 ml per liter. Repeat 2-3 times, about 3 days apart.

2 Sep, 2015


Thanks tugbrethil, I'll certainly give that a try,

2 Sep, 2015

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