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Anybody have an idea what this pink flower is? It sprung up in my butterfly garden.




Looks like a pink Larkspur or a Delphinium - can't see any leaves for confirmation of ID though, and it looks almost neon pink or technicoloured - did you use a colour filter or something on the camera?

27 Aug, 2015


I used no color enhancements at all. This is the actual color - neon pink and why I want more.

27 Aug, 2015


Well its a pink Larkspur (meaning annual delphinium) - Google images has pics of lots of pink ones very similar, many of the very bright lipstick pink ones with striations on the petals. If I were you, I'd save the seed, although I've no idea if they come true from seed.

Found this, seems they don't from modern hybrids...

27 Aug, 2015



27 Aug, 2015

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