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By Claired


I have recently moved house and have many climbers in the garden but unsure what this one is.

Thank you




Um, when you say climber, how tall is this plant? And what part of the world are you in?

28 Aug, 2015


It looks like a sycamore to me. They grow like mad and seed like crazy, which is why sycamore (and ash) trees are known as 'weeds of the forest'.

It certainly doesn't look like any climber I'm aware of, but see what others say.

28 Aug, 2015


Not a sycamore surely...

28 Aug, 2015


Isn't it a clematis? I've got one with leaves similar to this one.

28 Aug, 2015


Which variety is it, Landgirl, the one you've got I mean?

28 Aug, 2015


I've just been out to the garden to check if it's like my Clematis Montana leaf and it's very similar, so I'd say it's a Clematis too.

28 Aug, 2015


It might be, Cammomile, there's definitely a petiole visible in the picture which appears to be trying to curl around a leaf, but I've no idea which variety it could be...

28 Aug, 2015


In hindsight, I can't believe I thought this might be sycamore. On second viewing, it's nothing like one.

Senior moment plus... :((

28 Aug, 2015


Hi just looked at pic. Looks like my Broughton Bride clematis. Very pretty with hanging white flowers. Hope this helps.

28 Aug, 2015

How do I say thanks?

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