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Can anyone identify this bug? Something has been ravaging my brugsmania and I have found a few of these around the plant. I am not sure if they are causing the problem or are beneficial? Any help would be great! Sorry for the blurry photo!




It's too blurred. I can't make out anything

28 Aug, 2015


Capsid bug? A guess, it's a big family.

By the way, that is a true bug (like a beetle but with piercing mouthparts).

28 Aug, 2015


Too blurred to be sure, but it looks like a predatory bug to me. If so, it's a good guy. You don't say what kind of damage is occuring, but if the leaves are being chewed up, it's usually the fault of some species of potato beetle larvae. The leaf you show is also showing early signs of spider mite damage.

29 Aug, 2015

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