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RHUBARB - is growing better than all year large new leaves and good fruit - is it true i must not eat it at this time of year ?? Ceedy



Of course you can eat it. That's what is for. Did you ever make strawberry rhubarb pie? It's something wonderful! Enjoy.

28 Aug, 2015


It tends to be woody and stringy by this time of year, but if you have lots of new growth it's worth giving it a try. Rhubarb crumble tomorrow!

28 Aug, 2015


Umm, wait. Rhubarb fruit? What are we actually talking about?

29 Aug, 2015


What Tug means is that the part we eat isn't actually fruit, ie from a fertilised flower. Has someone told you that oxalic acid goes down into the stem and makes it poisonous in autumn? We've been eating autumn rhubarb all our lives and are still here! If you find it a bit too acid try adding a pinch of bicarbonate of soda after cooking - we always do this and it cuts down the amount of sugar you need.

29 Aug, 2015


Sorry! My sister says that I am much too literal, sometimes! :}

30 Aug, 2015


Didn't mean to put you down Tug, just thought Myhelper might be confused.

We had rhubarb and strawberry oat crumble for lunch to day - yum!

30 Aug, 2015

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